Destination Solitaire TriPeaks

Destination Solitaire is a tripeaks game where player’s need to match cards one higher or lower in value with a house card to clear the board. My work on DS primarily revolved around, creating an algorithm and prototyping the content and level generation for the game. After the core work was done, my focus turned to tuning, economy and new features. Some of my work was focused around:

  • Comp Deconstructs
  • Level Creation/Edits/Tuning
  • Obstacle/Hazard – design and prototyping
  • Boosters and Powerups – design and prototyping
  • Events
  • Quest Center – Daily and Lifetime quests design and management
  • Economy tuning – store, sale, watch to earn etc
  • Flows, UI/UX
  • Challenge Train – a feature where the player gets a large set of cards and have to play through 5 consecutive levels without losing
  • Revamped Energy system
  • Seed based Level generation and prototyping
  • Rule based content delivery system