Shutting down the Discourse

It has been something that has been on my mind for quite a while. The community discourse is a ghost town. I have been thinking about closing it down as it was constant expense without any return whatsoever.  It was an interesting experiment and I think it has run its course. The hypothesis was that Indian game developers could use a forum outside of closed groups like facebook, whatsapp or slack. After running the forum for more than a year we saw some initial traction but it slowly dropped down to a few coming in and going every week. After a point, it felt as if I was the only one posting things on the forums.

2017-07-01 to 2018-11-26 – user visits

Great forums like TIGSource still work mostly due to the lot of people who had made it their home and keep the conversations going. Facebook and other spaces will not replace them as the kind of conversations that they prefer is more momentary. 

Maybe it was inevitable,  but I wonder if anyone would even notice it 🙂 Goodbye.

2 thoughts on “Shutting down the Discourse

  1. Savithri

    Save all the posts posted and keep the negative and positive results in mind as it is historical cos there is/ was huge possibility for open discussions and the game community turned it down, may be it is also part of a ‘ Game’. Be strong and move on. Love