Bomb defusal drone robot action! Made for ldjam – ld39.You control a drone bomb defusal bot, you have limited energy and the clock is ticking! Your job is to defuse all the bombs in the building and exit before it all blows up. Moving and jumping cost you energy that can only be replenished if you sit still, so you will have to move about and time your jumps, double jumps and wall jumps wisely. The bomb defusing mini game uses simple digital logic system. This game was made in the last 8 hours of the jam and that definitely shows 🙂 so be gentle.

The html version has been updated with some bug fixes and a helpful intro which was not in the LDJam entry. The LDJam entry is available for download below as –

If you want to download the postjam version which has minor bug fixes and is a bit more playable, you can either play the HTML version above or download the postJam version below.