The week ahead

The first cycle is coming to a close; the Game Desgin and Information Visualization unit’s I have been running for the past five weeks have all been wrapped up.

If you feel like taking a look at what happened in the InfoViz class, all of the assignments and thier outputs can be found here.

The two weeks starting today/tomorrow are workshop weeks! I am with the School of Experimental Media Arts @ Srishti this cycle taking on a workshop on Modelling and Simulation! And that means, going away from the tried and tested to build something totally out of all our comfort zones. I’ve chosen python as our core language of choice as we needed something that is easy to pick up and learn as well as tried and tested. The first half of the week would be to get everyone up to speed and explore what is possible, the week after is planned as a collaborative, week long jam. We are a small group of seven, so it feels just right to do a collab jam instead of individual projects. More on this as the week goes on.